Rugby world cup fever!

The lead up to the Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand has started.

With just over 10 weeks and less than 100 days until the event starts, the final preparations are being put into place.

The event officially kicks off on September 9th, with the all blacks facing Tonga in the very first game. The last of the volunteers are being picked for the opening ceremonies and they are calling for participants of all abilities. There will even be a dedicated performance events village in the recovering area of Christchurch.

We know that  you are very passionate about your sports teams, with members posting frequently about team news and highlights.

One member, Jane_ireland101 recently posted about the All blacks social media ban for the world cup. You can share your opinions with her here!

Another member posted an amusing story about a Japanese player, destined for the world cup, but caught up in a drugs scandal, you can comment on NZdragon’s post by clicking here!

Wherever you decide to watch the rugby world cup, or whatever you decide to do for the event we hope that it is an enjoyable experience, as it’s not often you get to witness a world cup on home turf!

See you soon on the site!

The Toluna Team!

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