Happy Valentine’s Day

We are delighted to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Toluna and hope you will be celebrating. We love being a part of NZ culture, living in a widely diverse society with people from all different backgrounds. As people from all over the world have decided to move here, we get the best of many different traditions on days like today and we at Toluna are very grateful to be a part of it! Will you be buying someone special a gift today? If so, we’d love to know what you will be getting them

Valentine’s Day festival in New Zealand is a grand celebration with people decorating their homes and shops with flowers, garlands, roses and pictures of cupid and love birds also adorn the bedrooms and living rooms of majority of the houses.

But it’s not just limited to flowers and chocolates. In New Zealand there is a whole other world of activities that take place on this day. Carnivals, theatre productions, food and drink festivals and fireworks are all present. One of the major Valentine’s Day attractions in New Zealand is the ballroom dancing event, held in different concert halls in the capital city of Wellington.

Enjoy the rest of this joyous day!

Love from



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