Community Spotlight: If money was no problem.

Dear Members,

Welcome to our first monthly Community Spotlight feature*. It’s always nice to imagine what we could do if money was no problem, which is why we chose this post from kindlykiwi for this month’s spotlight. The topic raised the question of what would be the first thing you would do if money was no issue. Feel free to join the discussion here.


Most of our members would choose to go on extended holidays, and we couldn’t agree more! Others have big dreams, or would prefer to help others. Here are some of the comments from our community members:

elaine_nz – I’d buy an idyllic section in the middle of nowhere, have a dream house built on it and enjoy the bliss and tranquility for the rest of my life…

fudgepup11 – SAVE THE WORLD……

Capachino – Make a cd with 10 songs on it. This is my dream.

Kolte – start a bookshop

dianneharris62 – pay off my student loan

A big thank you goes out to our Featured User, kindlykiwi, and all of this topic’s contributors. We hope that no matter how big or small your dream might be, you’ll be able to fulfill it in the near future 🙂

See you soon,

The Toluna Team

*As a reminder, each month, the Toluna team searches the site for the most popular or intriguing member content, and will share that information with the community, right here on our blog.  The “Featured User” we select will get a special 10,000 point bonus applied to their account for providing us with our monthly spotlight.

To be considered for month’s community spotlight, post a link to your poll, opinion, thumb it or battle on the Toluna Team topic here.  If selected, we will post a message on your Wall so all of your followers and friends will know that you are a Featured Toluna User.

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