The Best Entertainers – New Zealand Does It Better Mission


For a country with a small population, New Zealand sure does have a lot of globally recognisable talent and entertainers.

For your third Mission, we want to learn if New Zealand does entertainment better than the rest of the world. Create a Topic about a Kiwi movie, TV show, director, actor, musician, comedian etc, which best represents New Zealand. They can be as famous or obscure as you like – as long as they are quintessentially Kiwi.

To participate in this mission and prove that New Zealand does entertainment better than anyone else, please follow this simple rules:

♣ Head to and Create a Topic with your contribution
♣ Add the letters « DIB » in front of the title (e.g.: DIB – Taika Waititi is the ultimate entertainer)
♣ Complete the mission by 11th March at 23:59

Remember: By joining the New Zealand Does It Better competition, you can earn 3000 points each week and 35,000 points at the end!

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