An end to Content Creators of the Month

After many years of the Content Creators of the Month programme, we are sad to report that it has come to an end.

This year, will undergo a major facelift and back-end changes in order to improve user experience and allow us to fix site bugs and issues more effectively. Included in the changes is a complete reorganisation of community content posts, which is the main reason for Content Creators of the Month to come to an end.

To wrap up this initiative, below are the January Content Creators of the Month – i.e. the members who made the top 10 Content Creators list for five months in a row. You have each won 10,000 points!


Feel free to continue posting content as usual, but please understand that we will no longer be awarding points for this. Once the new site is available, we will revisit ways to earn points through content posts again. In the meantime, we will continue to conduct contests and games that give all members an opportunity to win points.

We are sorry if the end of content bonuses and Content Creators of the Month is bad news to some of you. However we are excited for the next iteration of and we look forward to revealing more in the near future!

See you soon,
Toluna Team

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